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Nikki M

Absolutely love The Belgian Chocolatier! Kelly is beyond sweet and not only is her stuff delicious, the packaging is so simple and adorable. Definitely the best fudge around. The cappuccino fudge is my new favorite thing!

Heidi T

​I can not get enough of Kelly's chocolate! Her signature chocolate the Speidelican...spelled wrong so sorry.. Is delicious! Just one is not even an option! You will want the whole box!! She packages the chocolate so cute too! Just all around goodness, from ordering, receiving, and devouring! 5 brilliant stars!!

Bonnie H

The best! Unbelievable ! Sinfully delicious!

Jane R

This is amazing chocolate. True artistry for sure. Such an amazing price, too.

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Rainbows of Goodness

April 06, 2018

I tell you - chocolate is constantly changing!  Instead of the fun way we memorized the colors in a rainbow as Roy G Biv, I think we are going to have to make one for chocolate as Dr Wm G (Doctor William G):  Dark, Ruby, White, Milk and Gold!  Ruby is the latest and greatest chocolate that is pink in color due to the the ruby cocoa bean.  According to Swiss-Belgian company, Cacao Barry, "The Ruby bean is unique because the fresh berry-fruitiness and color precursors are naturally present. The cocoa beans are sourced from different regions of the world. The bean has a specific set of attributes, which Barry Callebaut managed to unlock through an innovative process that took many years to develop."  Some of you may have seen the Asian KitKat commercials featuring this new chocolate from.  Doesn't seem fair they get to try if first!  But, it will soon be available to the trade and I get to try it out and share it with you!  Gold, really isn't all that new of a concept (in my opinion) in the chocolate world.  French company, Valhrona, has been producing a "Blond" chocolate for years.  I am assuming the Belgian company, Callebaut, has their similar version and labeled it "Gold".  As soon as I am able to get my hands on this variety, we can taste test the difference and add it to the chocolate repertoire.  Until then, eat some chocolate!

Name This Bark Competition

March 15, 2018

I need some creative minds to help me name some future chocolate barks! If I decide your name is a 'keeper', you will win 1-lb of the creation you named once the recipe is approved by the county!* =) I will put the ingredient listing with the pictures. Check back often for more opportunities to 'Name That Chocolate'! I plan to submit my recipes on the 26th of March. =) Thanks for your help!
*Substitutions can be applied

Chocolate Noir

February 10, 2018

I am going to have some goodies up for bid tomorrow night at Chocolate Noir! Check out their fundraising event!

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